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Contract Advice & Drafting

Contract advice and contract drafting is one of the key components of our work. Quigg Golden has a wealth of experience gained from drafting contracts for a wide range of multi-million pound projects across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Our experience in dispute resolution leaves us perfectly positioned to help you identify and avoid unnecessary risks. Preparation and analysis of contract documents, programmes, tenders and warranties can increase your chances of successfully completing a project.

On projects where standard forms of contract are not suitable, we can draft bespoke contract conditions to suit particular business needs.


Contract is just another word for agreement. Therefore, our contracts should reflect what it is we both intend to do.

It is not something restricted to those who tender for work, the contractors and suppliers, it is also a problem for those who put the tenders out.

The contractual test for a contract is the “objective intention of the parties”. The first part of this, that it is the “objective”, is the area of the law. The second part is the “intention” of the parties and is much more commonly the problem.

It takes a determined and skilled contracting authority and it takes good advice early in the procurement process. Quigg Golden pride ourselves that we do that better than anyone else.


Selling is an art and science all of its own. We assist firms to navigate the law to maximise winning work, or to assist procurers to get the right contractual partner on board.

Tendered work falls into two categories. The first is work tendered and awarded within the private sector. The second, and much more complicated, is where the procurer of the work is in the public sector.

Quigg Golden can take you through the tender and contract process to ensure best-practice and we remain ideally placed with experts in UK & Ireland to assist both procurers and tenderers to resolve issues especially as Brexit and the future of EU regulatory diversion becomes apparent.

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James Golden, Edward Quigg

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