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Bid Support for Construction Tenders

Our experience of drafting invitation to tender (ITT) documentation and of advising and sitting on evaluation panels means that we are ideally placed to work with tenderers in interpreting what the public buyer is looking for and what the tender documentation is really saying.  In collaboration with  the supplier’s team, we can develop submissions that maximise the potential for success.

The expert tendering team at Quigg Golden have a wealth of experience in helping companies pitch for construction projects.

With stringent EU tendering criteria being applied in all sectors of construction, the basis of submitting a successful tender for a project has become even more fundamental.

Tenderers should be aware from the outset of the criteria on which they shall be judged, informing tenderers of decisions reached and basis of those decisions. It also goes to the removal of discretion and subjectivity; the evaluation must be based on objective criteria that are known to bidders in advance.

Quigg Golden can help evaluate the criteria for tender submissions as we have high-level experience on both the tenderer and submission panel processes.


Tender contracts featuring BIM (Building Information Modelling)

2019 saw the publication of a number of new international standards for BIM. This standard of building and modelling is becoming more popular in building and construction design and more tenders seek BIM as a requirement in construction tender submissions.

BIM is a surprisingly diverse topic. For those requiring more information, we at Quigg Golden can provide training or help and support in reviewing or drafting contracts with BIM requirements.

When drafting and understanding contracts which require the use of BIM, Quigg Golden lead the UK and Irish construction industry in advising how to submit BIM contracts and tender submissions.

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