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What does Staff Training mean for Quigg Golden?

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At Quigg Golden we take staff training and development seriously. However, it isn’t just external education we focus on. Twice yearly, we get all staff together from across the QG landscape for some team bonding, typically in the form of technical in-house training and a planned social activity. Normally, this is conducted in Belfast, but in recent years, we’ve managed to get as far afield as Malaga and Budapest, although the pandemic has impinged upon our ability to travel in the last couple of years.

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Nevertheless, in the summer of 2021 we did manage to get together as a whole group and spend two wonderful nights on Lusty Beg Island in Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Alongside training on how to plan and delegate, conduct an effective contract review, the importance of good, clear and concise communications and other aspects of our business that require regular reinforcement, we also managed to do some clay pigeon shooting (the Practice Director reminded us all he was once in the Army by winning that one); Archery (they clearly don’t teach that in the Army) and a powerboat ‘safari’ around a very rough Lough Erne (someone was holding on so tight it was clear he was never in the Navy…). The lull in Covid restrictions at the time also allowed us to enjoy each other’s company without the need for phrases like “you’re breaking up” or “you’re still on mute”. Although after a few drinks, some people sounded like they were breaking up; and others probably should have been on mute!

Our recent Christmas training was limited by Covid restrictions; however, we got everyone together on St Patricks Day for some more refresher training and even more refreshing pints of Guinness. Training at Quigg Golden lies very much at the heart of our culture here and we will continue to strive for excellence in what we do through our teamwork and by producing high quality work to the very best of our individual and collective ability.

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