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Making Claims: A Contractor’s Perspective (UK)

27 September

Zoom Webinar


150 (Plus VAT)

Event Host

Stephen McKenna

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One of the most important factors in your construction contract is knowing when and how to make a claim.   

Understanding your contract, whether it is NEC, JCT or even a bespoke set of terms is crucial. 

This starts with knowing what your contract can do for you and how it could work against you. 

In this course Quigg Golden, experts in construction law, will cover how construction contracts in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland deal with money and delay claims. 


Specifically, this course will focus on:  

  • Different forms of contract;  
  • NEC and JCT; 
  • Risk allocation; 
  • Law of damages; 
  • Time claims; 
  • Money claims; and 
  • Dispute resolution.

This half-day session will focus on making a claim from the perspective of a Contractor.   

As a Contractor, the most fundamental piece of knowledge will be awareness of the risk allocation in your contract, where you stand in relation to time and money claims and how to ensure maximum recovery. 

On completion you will have greater knowledge of where your risks lie within your contract and how to use dispute resolution to your advantage.   

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