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Introduction to JCT Contracts

16 November

Zoom Seminar

1pm - 5pm

£155 (plus VAT)

Event Host

Diana Pinzaru

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Introduction to JCT Contracts. Good contract administration is key to a successful project.  This starts with understanding your contract.  This half day training session focuses on the UK’s most widely used suite of construction contracts, the JCT, and will focus on:

  • The different JCT Contracts and which one is most suitable;
  • General obligations;
  • Design liability & risk;
  • Sub-contracting and using specialists;
  • Payment;
  • Claims for delay and extensions of time;
  • Claims for delay damages and loss and expense;
  • Importance of record keeping; and
  • Termination & dispute resolution.

This session will come at the above from both an employer and contractor/sub-contractor point of view.  Understanding both angles and being aware of the obligations of the other party will ensure that you walk away with the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

On completion, you will have a greater knowledge of risk management under a JCT contract, and a better understanding of your role and obligations.

The course will also enable you to understand and manage commercial expectations and how to make the contract work for you.

Introduction to JCT Contracts will be focusing on the UK’s most widely used suite of construction contracts, the JCT.
Introduction to JCT Contracts 2023

Quigg Golden’s renowned JCT Contracts Management Course 2024 will start in April 2024. If you would like to register for this 8-week course, then please contact or via our LinkedIn page here.

Latest Publication on JCT Contracts

Site Access and JCT – Some Insight Into What is Reasonable

Site access and possession can be very contentious aspects of a construction project, particularly if the relationship between the parties has deteriorated due to delay or other issues. Most contracts include clauses specifically setting out dates for possessions and access rights to try to mitigate contention.  Clause 3.1 of the JCT Design and Build, for example, states “The Employer’s Agent and any person authorized by him or the Employer shall at all reasonable times have access to the Works…”.   

The extent of this right to access was considered in the recent case of Monty & Payter LLP v MWA Projects Limitedwith implications for wherever a contract provides for access “at all reasonable times”.  

Here the Employer, Monty & Payter LLP (“M&P”) applied for an injunction against its principal contractor and principal designer, MWA Project Limited (“MWA”). This requested injunction was intended to prevent MWA from restricting access to the site to working hours. Mrs Justice Joanna Smith noted in her judgement that the real purpose of the proposed injunction was “to require MWA to provide site access to Mr Jackson personally in his role as Contract Administrator at times which fall outside normal working hours and in the absence of a representative from MWA”.   Read more…


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