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Introduction to JCT

15 March

Zoom Seminar



Event Host

Robert Burns

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Good contract administration is key to a successful outcome more than ever.  This starts with knowing what your contract can do for you and how to make it happen.  This half day training session focuses on the UK’s most widely used suite of construction contracts, the JCT, and will focus on:  

  • The different JCT Contracts and which one is most suitable; 
  • General obligations; 
  • Design liability & risk; 
  • Sub-contracting and using specialists; 
  • Payment;  
  • Claims for delay and extensions of time;  
  • Claims for delay damages and loss and expense;  
  • Importance of record keeping; and 
  • Termination & dispute resolution. 

This session will come at the above from both an employer and contractor point of view.  Understanding both angles and being aware of the obligations of the other party gives you the maximum chance of walking away with the knowledge and skills to succeed.   

On completion you will have a greater knowledge of where your risks lie within a JCT Contract together with an understanding of what you are committing to when you enter into a JCT Contract.  It will also enable you to understand and manage commercial expectation and know how to make the contract work for you. 


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