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Adjudication in Ireland: Masterclass

8th February 2022, 22nd February 2022 and 8th March 2022

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With over 20 years’ experience, Quigg Golden are market leaders in construction law and dispute resolution in Ireland. Our experience of adjudication is unrivalled in Ireland, and we believe that adjudication is there to serve the industry and it is people in the construction industry that need to understand it.  It should be accessible to everyone.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to the industry, we are offering the opportunity to learn from us with our ‘Introduction to Adjudication’ and ‘Adjudication Masterclass’ courses.  With a focus on getting paid, protecting cashflow while increasing contractual awareness.

The Adjudication Masterclass delivered in 3 half days is aimed at those already familiar with construction disputes and who want to learn much more about adjudication and who want to be able to prepare for and run simple adjudications themselves.  It is suitable for anyone from the one man band Quantity Surveyor to those managing the commercial aspects of major national projects, or even just those looking to brush up on skills and knowledge gained by us.  Delegates will gain a deep understanding of the process: what saves you time and money and what makes for a successful adjudication.

We have conducted over 500 Adjudications ranging from the small (€20,000) to the large  (€120 million) and are responsible for securing around €0.5 Billion worth of successful outcomes for our clients over the years.  With no less than three acting adjudicators on our staff, delegates on the introduction course will gain a valuable insight to the process and its effectiveness as a commercially pragmatic way to resolve construction disputes and a detailed grounding on the process in the masterclass.

The course will be delivered by members of our outstanding team, all of which have extensive adjudication experience.  The course director is James Golden, a civil engineer by trade, he has since become a tri-qualified Solicitor, non-practicing Barrister and practicing Adjudicator specialising in Construction disputes.  James has over 20 years’ experience in the full spectrum of construction dispute resolution and is a member of a number of appointing body panels in Ireland including the ICE, TeCSA and has been a member of the Irish the Ministerial Panel since its inception.

Masterclass Session 1 (half day)

Taught sessions on:

      • Introduction to the Construction Contracts Act
      • Introduction to Adjudication as an effective means of dispute resolution
      • Preparing for the process: notice requirements and evidence gathering
    • Small group discussion focused on preparation and advantages of adjudication compared to other forms of dispute resolution

Masterclass Session 2 (half day)

Taught sessions on:

      • How and when to commence and Adjudication
      • How to appoint an Adjudicator
      • How to prepare a Referral notice and the Law pertaining to the process
      • How to manage the process, key timelines and considerations
      • How to respond professionally to the other side
    • Small group discussion focused on the pit falls that crop up between notification and 2 weeks later.

Masterclass Session 3 (half day)

Taught sessions on:

      • Understanding Jurisdiction
      • Challenging the process
      • How are decisions made and enforced
      • Dealing with meetings and witnesses
      • Document management
    • Small group discussion focused on understanding the dispute from the adjudicators point of view.

Each session will be followed by a simple assessment to reinforce and validate the lessons.  Those completing attendance and completing the assessments will be certified separately.

Brochure and more information are downloadable here

Course Dates (Half Days)

      • Tuesday 8 February 2022
      • Tuesday 22 February 2022
      • Tuesday 8 March 2022

Course Fee

      • Masterclass: €950.

Contact if you wish to discuss multiple or block bookings.










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