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Procurement Reform in the UK – What will it look like & mean?

08 March 2023

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Edward Quigg
Director, Solicitor

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Procurement Reform in the UK is approaching. On 08 March 2023, Quigg Golden’s Director and industry leading procurement expert Edward Quigg, will be delivering a live webinar on the Reformation of Public Procurement Process in the United Kingdom.  

With the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, the UK government has stated it intends to take advantage of the ability to depart from the EU procurement rules.   Change is therefore coming, but what will it look like and what will it mean? 

Reform is to be achieved through the Procurement Bill’s (“the Bill”) which was introduced to Parliament in May 2022 and is currently progressing through the applicable legislative changes.  The Bill is expected to come into full force and effect in 2023. 

With previous legislation being subject to over 350 regulations, across a number of documents, the Bill has been drafted as a consolidated “rule book”, producing a single regime, with the aim of simplifying, objectifying an expediating the public procurement process across all sectors. 

As with the introduction of any new legislation, the implementation of the Bill will present challenges as well as opportunities for all involved.  In any case, procurement professionals will need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the sizeable and technical Bill, and its implications to their organisation. 

Key Topic areas within the Bill that will be discussed throughout the Procurement Reform Webinar include:  

  • Key Definitions  
  • Transparency – The New Standards   
  • The Competitive Flexible Procedure  
  • Publishing Notices – The New Requirements 
  • The Most Advantageous Tender  
  • Standstill Periods – The New Procedure 
  • Contracts over £2m – Additional Obligations  
  • Modification of Public Contracts  
  • Remedies Available to Aggrieved Bidders  
  • Contract Management  

Join Quigg Golden for aa live webinar on the Reformation of Public Procurement Process in the United Kingdom on 08 March at 12pm

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You can also see the bill at its current stage here

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