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Contractual notices

24 May 2023

Zoom Webinar



Event Host

Diana Pinzaru

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Contractual Notices: what they should include and when you should use them.

Getting notices right is a vital part of good contract management. The courts have a tendency to strictly interpret the provisions of contracts relating to notices. The failure to observe such provisions have led to contractors being unable to claim for loss and expense or extensions of time, as well as parties wrongfully suspending or terminating contracts.

Too often a project team can find that they are unable to claim much or even any of what they believe they are owed at the end of a project due to missing a time bar to a notice or drafting a notice incorrectly.

This talk will focus on the information that needs to go into contractual notices including those in relation to:

• Extensions of time;
• Loss and expense; and
• Liquidated damages, suspension and termination.

It will look at when these notices should be issued, what they should contain, and the consequences of getting it wrong.

The talk will be a mix of general points. The seminar will address the specific requirements of the main JCT, NEC and PWC contracts.

This seminar will be delivered by Diana Pinzaru.

About the trainer

Diana previously worked as a trainee in-house lawyer for an international firm, representing clients in a broad range of commercial cases.

Quigg Golden’s Diana completed a master’s degree with Distinction in Business Law. From here, Diana then joined our construction law team acting on behalf of owners, developers, contractors and commercial end users.

She is experienced in and actively advises on a broad range of construction issues, from due diligence investigations to post-closing matters.

Diana’s approach is practical and cost-efficient, with emphasis on resolving disputes, where possible, without recourse to formal proceedings.

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Contractual notices: what they should include and when you need to send them. This seminar will be of use to both contractors and employers.
Diana Pinzaru
LLB (Hons), LLM

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