Winning a new contract should be a cause for celebration; you can now get down to the nitty gritty of getting the job done.   

However, how often do you sit back and take time to really understand the mechanisms and obligations within the contract you are about to sign. 

One of the services we provide at Quigg Golden is to undertake a contract review.  This can be an inexpensive process that will give you confidence that there no hidden ‘nasties’ in there that will come back to bite you.   It also allows you to plan and get in front of your contract administration.

For contract reviews Quigg Golden can provide a variety of services.  Typically, a review will be one of the following: 

  • A basic review, whereby Quigg Golden would identify the main issues and concerns, both good and bad, that you need to be made aware of; 
  • A detailed review whereby Quigg Golden would examine the relevant clauses and identify which parts of the contract may work in your favour and those you may want to raise objection to and the reasons why. Quigg Golden would provide suggested responses for the clauses that we recommend you consider disputing.  We would produce a document to outline all of our recommendations.  This document would be set out using a traffic light format whereby clauses that are not of concern to you, clauses which need to be considered and clauses that you should avoid agreeing to are highlighted in green, amber and red respectively;  or
  • An extensive review, whereby Quigg Golden would produce a detailed traffic light style review.  Quigg Golden would then attend a meeting with you to go through the clauses and document that we have produced, to go through any questions that you may have and provide relevant advice.


Quigg Golden are extremely competitive on fees and the cost of a contract review will depend on: 

  • The length of the contract
  • The nature and complexity of the contract
  • Your personal requirements and expectations

We will always offer a free consultation so that you can outline your concerns on the contract and to agree a price for the work to be done.

If you would like further information on contract reviews call us on:

London (+44) (0)20 7022 2192
Maidstone (+44) (0)1622 541700
Belfast (+44) (0)28 9032 1022
Dublin (+353) (0)1 676 6744

or email


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